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Write in your own words


American obesity problem - In your own words

American obesity problem - In your own words

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"The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that about six out of ten Americans were Esther overweight or obese. Furthermore, the prevalence of obesity almost doubled from about 15 percent in 1980 to 27 percent in 1999. Dr. J. McGinnis said the current weight statistics predict future problems. "Obesity now will lead to a higher number of deaths from diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer, and increased prevalence of osteoarthritis."

The CDC noted that most schools have vending machines or snack bars including foods that are largely nutrientpoor and calorie-rich. People are also less likely to cook for themselves these days.Roughly half of all meals are consumed outside the home and many of these are from fast foods. “We have become year-by-year an increasingly sedentary society," McGinnis said. "People used to enjoy walking a half-mile or a quarter-mile but now they take the car to go across the street. And instead of walking or playing sports during free time, children sit in front of the TV or computer. These are unhealthy habits because their muscles are not moving and transportation has become so easy that children are driven everywhere."

So educating the public about healthy nutrition and exercise is essential, the experts said. Healthy foods and more intense physical activity in schools are also important.

In your own words and based on the ideas in the text, answer the following questions. (?)

a) What bad habits cause obesity? (Name two)

According to the text, obesity is caused by mainly two reasons: bad nutrition and lack of exercise. Nowadays, people do not eat as healthily as they should, and there is an increasing tendency in having meals outside the home, especially at fast food restaurants. In addition, people hardly do any exercise and use transportation to move everywhere.

Ayuda: en esta respuesta resumimos el contenido principal del texto: la obesidad y sus causas. Una mala alimentación y la falta de ejercicio son las causas principales de la obesidad.

Vocabulario: according to: según; mainly: principalmente; healthily: de forma sana; lack: falta.

b) Why have people become more sedentary? (Give two reasons)

Society has become more sedentary because people tend to take the car to go everywhere, instead of walking even a short distance. In addition, children prefer watching TV and playing computer games to playing sports in their free time.

Ayuda: Una de las causas de la obesidad es el sedentarismo, que se refleja en el cambio de una sociedad que prefiere comer fuera de casa y que usa el transporte para moverse a todas partes, a la vez que los niños prefieren ver la televisión y jugar al ordenador que hacer deporte en su tiempo libre.

Vocabulario: tend: tender a; instead: en vez de; free time: tiempo libre.

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