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Write in your own words


The Big Bottle - In your own words

The Big Bottle - In your own words

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crowd, wander, search, get together, break out, booze-up, binge-drinking, fashionable, outdo, gathering, teenagers, councils, cautious, fear, drunken, unlikely, rubbish

In Spanish cities, at night, crowds of young people wander the streets in search of a party, meeting their friends and stopping to drink. When a large mass of people get together, a party spontaneously breaks out. This phenomenon, translated into English as booze-up or binge-drinking, is perceived by local governments as a social problem because it is impossible to predict where it will take place and because drinkers are as young as 12.

In addition, now it has become fashionable to compete for the biggest national drinking party, as cities from Málaga to Madrid and Barcelona to Bilbao try to outdo one another by organizing the largest gathering. Word is spread by e-mail and text messages, and teenagers crowd into city centres, armed with bottles of soft drinks generously mixed with alcohol.

City councils are very cautious about calling in the police for fear that drunken youths will turn to violence. The Government has tried to introduce emergency legislation but this is unlikely to have much impact, because, across Spain, regional authorities have set different minimum ages to buy alcohol.

Despite Spain's reputation for civilised Mediterranean drinking habits, “the big bottle” leaves city centres full of rubbish, and residents, who have been kept up all night, furious. Under-age drinkers claim that this way they can enjoy a night out for as little as 6 euros a night, whereas bars are too expensive.

In your own words and based on the ideas in the text, answer the following questions. (?)

a) Why is ”the big bottle” an informal party? (Give two reasons)

The “big bottle” is an informal party because it starts spontaneously and because it takes place in the streets, where people get together to drink.

Ayuda: la respuesta la encontramos en el primer párrafo, dónde se explica qué es el botellón. Una de las características del botellón es que es una fiesta informal, ya que comienza de manera espontánea y se desarrolla en la calle, donde la gente se reúne para beber.

Vocabulario: take place: tener lugar; get together: reunirse.

b) How do these parties affect residents? (Name two ways)

The “big bottle” affects residents in two ways due to the crowds of people in the streets. In the first place, the streets are left full of rubbish. Secondly, the noise keep the residents up all night.

Ayuda: el último párrafo habla de las consecuencias del botellón para aquellos vecinos que viven en el centro de las ciudades: las calles se quedan llenas de basura y el ruido impide a los residentes conciliar el sueño.

Vocabulario: ways: maneras; due to: debido a; full: llenas; noise: ruido.

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