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Short Compositions


Have you ever had a job? Describe your experience

Have you ever had a job? Describe your experience

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job experience, employment, colleagues


  • Say what the job is and your age.
  • Was it your first employement?
  • What did the job involve?
  • Describe your feelings relationship with colleagues. Any difficulties encountered.
  • Did you learn anything?
  • Was it a positive or negative experience?

En este apartado tienes que tratar de utilizar expresiones y vocabulario variado.

Write about 100 to 150 words in the following topic: Have you ever had a job? Describe your experience.

When I was sixteen I worked as a counsellor at a children´s camp during the summer holidays. I worked with children from nine to fourteen. I had to organize activities and generally supervise the kids.

The type of activities that were organized were mainly sporting activities such as baseball, volleyball and water sports including swimming and water polo. I also supervised some creative activities such as dramatic performances played by the children and art work. It was hard work but also a lot of fun, this being the first time I had ever taken the responsibility for a job. At first I found this difficult but by the end of the summer I came to enjoy it.

All in all, it was a positive experience. I met a lot of people and made new friends with whom I still keep in touch

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