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Short Compositions


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being vegetarian

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being vegetarian

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Advantages, disadvantages, vegetarian, meat, cow disease, bird flu, pollution, vitamins, minerals


  • Tormenta de ideas: anota todas las ideas que te vienen a la mente.
  • Haz una introducción al tema con una o dos frases, utilizando conectores: "in the first place", "to begin", "firstly".
  • Desarrollo del tema expresando los argumentos a favor o en contra: but, on the other hand, however, in my opinion, on the other hand.
  • Extrae las conclusiones de los argumentos expresados anteriormente: to sum up, to conclude, in conclusion.

Se pueden añadir expresiones como:

The main advantage is...
There are other disadvantages in connection with...
I would say there are more advantages that drawbacks...

The main disadvantage is...
There are other problems in connection with...
I would say there are more drawbacks than advantages.

En este apartado tienes que tratar de utilizar expresiones y vocabulario variado.

Write about 100 to 150 words in the following topic: Discuss the advantages of being vegetarian.

Many people have become vegetarians after the rise of problems with certain kinds of meat such as, mad cow disease, bird flu and problems of pollution in the sea affecting the fish. There are now many vegetarian restaurants.

The main advantage of this type of diet is that fruit and vegetables provide our body with vitamins and minerals; most of them are eaten fresh, many raw.

Nevertheless, this type of diet does not provide us with all the necessary nutrients such as proteins. Another disadvantage would be when you are invited to eat with friends, in which case, you will be very limited as to what you can eat.

In conclusion, in our present society there are probably more drawbacks in being a vegetarian. Perhaps, the healthiest option is somewhere in between.

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